Signs of the Times

I took these pictures at the Stanford Shopping Center during the week after Christmas. Money sure talks now… There were a handful of stores without sales signs, but only one didn’t offer discounts and had lots of people in it. :-) We all definitely have our work cut out for ourselves in 2009. As a [...]

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The Good Samaritan

Whether or not you are a Christian, "Jesus' Heart For Those Who Suffer" (12/21/2008 by John Ortberg) is a great sermon to listen to. What would you have done? Let us all be good Samaritans in 2009.

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Came across a very useful wiki called MediaOnTwitter. This wiki contains the a list of the reporters, journalists, and bloggers on Twitter. You can use this wiki in two ways: Finding people worth following. Getting in touch with reporters, journalists, and bloggers to pitch. Two other useful sources of information about Twitter are: of [...]

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Everything I Need to Know About Entrepreneurship I Learned From My Comrades in Moscow

You can start a business anywhere not to mention that you should “don’t worry, be crappy.” Celebrity endorsements don’t have to be expensive. Buddha is in the details (see next photo). The details. Nothing is what it seems (see next photo). What it is. You need to think big. And don’t worry, be crappy. Do [...]

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How to Use Twitter as a Twool

I may get more value out of Twitter than anyone else on the planet because I use Twitter as a tool—specifically as a marketing tool—for my website Alltop and my book, Reality Check. If the concept of using Twitter in a commercial manner interests you, keep reading. If it doesn’t, then you can continue to [...]

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