This week’s guest on Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast is Randy Nonnenberg.

He is responsible for thousands of hours of lost productivity because he is a cofounder of Bring a Trailer. This is a website for buying and selling collectible cars. He’s been at it for ten years. Before that he worked for BMW. Here’s a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford and an MBA from UC Berkeley. In 2019, Bring a Trailer had 100,000 registered bidders, 11,000 listings in 2 million monthly visitors. It currently has 300 listings per week. Malcolm Gladwell is among the people that lose hours of productivity on the site. Bring a Trailer started as a hobby for Randy and has grown to be an existential threat to traditional car auctions with over fifty employees. You may not be into cars, but Randy’s story is still interesting because it is one data point that pursuing your passion can work.

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