How to Avoid Twitter Cluelessness

Over at the American Express Open Forum blog, I explain how to not look clueless on Twitter. The first five ways are: Don’t tell other people how to tweet. Don’t tell the world that you unfollowed someone. Don’t ask people why they unfollowed you. Don’t constantly tweet mundane updates and babble. Don’t use a small [...]

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How to Do Directed Marketing on Twitter

Over at the American Express Open blog I review a website called Twitterhawk. This site enables you to do automated, directed marketing on Twitter. It’s a very useful tool for anyone who wants to tap Twitter’s awesome marketing potential. Click here to read it. Please mark it “found useful” if you did.

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How to Suck People into Twitter

Over at the American Express Open forum, I just posted a blog entry called “How to Demo Twitter.” It really explains how to suck people into Twitter if they’re not already members. Check it out if you’ve ever needed help convince people to join Twitter. Please mark it “found useful” if you did.

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Brands Using Twitter

In "Brands that Tweet" Paul Dunay provides a very interesting list of the big companies that are using Twitter. Worth the read if you're in a consumer-facing business considering the use of Twitter. There's no doubt in my mind that your organization should use Twitter. For more information about Twitter, see Twitter.alltop.

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Came across a very useful wiki called MediaOnTwitter. This wiki contains the a list of the reporters, journalists, and bloggers on Twitter. You can use this wiki in two ways: Finding people worth following. Getting in touch with reporters, journalists, and bloggers to pitch. Two other useful sources of information about Twitter are: Twitter.alltop.com--aggregation of [...]

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How to Use Twitter as a Twool

I may get more value out of Twitter than anyone else on the planet because I use Twitter as a tool—specifically as a marketing tool—for my website Alltop and my book, Reality Check. If the concept of using Twitter in a commercial manner interests you, keep reading. If it doesn’t, then you can continue to [...]

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