My preview of Woz’s book, I, Woz, got me thinking about entrepreneurs who embody the “purity” of the process of creating great products. Another outstanding example of this is Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. On September 5, 2000, I did a “fireside chat” with Pierre at a Garage event in London. Here is a video of this interview:

Download omidyar.mov

Here is an MP3 recording if you want to only listen to the interview:

Download Omidyar.mp3

Here is a great written synopsis of the interview.

Like Woz’s book, the interview provides many insights into innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship. I hope that you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed conducting the interview. It’s testimony to the fact that everything does’t have to about the money.

Speaking of eBay, I’ll be speaking at eBay Live on Tuesday if any of you are going to be there. My topic is the “Art of Evangelism.”