RAZZ, Inc. recently introduced the RAZZ Mixer. It enables people to create personalized audio recordings to post on web pages. This is a Flash-based application consisting of a voice recorder, music uploader, and special effects sound board with hundreds of pre-recorded sounds.

Users “mix” recordings for posting onto social-networking sites and blogs. These recordings serve the purpose of welcoming people to a profile page as well as to “RAZZ” friends by posting a recording in comment fields.


The RAZZ mixer is here here. There are many samples that are ready for posting here. People can also listen to a mix by clicking on a direct link; for example, here. Finally, this is what the RAZZ player looks like; click on “PLAY” to hear how a DJ can promote a musical event. Notice the three key elements of a RAZZ mix: music clips, special effects, and the DJ’s voice.

Garage is an investor, and I am on the board of directors of RAZZ.