Christina Maslach: Avoiding Career Burnout

Welcome to Remarkable People, I'm Guy Kawasaki, and I'm on a mission to make you remarkable. Helping me in this episode is the remarkable Christina Maslach. You will not find anyone more knowledgeable on burnout than her. If you don't believe me, her work is the basis for the 2019 decision by the World [...]

Arianna Huffington: Thriving, Redefining Success, and Creating a Life of Well-Being

Welcome to Remarkable People. Are you interested in thriving, not merely surviving? This episode's remarkable person is Arianna Huffington. She is the queen of thriving--that elusive and seemingly oxymoronic combination of health, wealth, and happiness. She is the founder of the Huffington Post--duh. In 2016 she also created a company called Thrive Global. [...]

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