A few things:

  1. Apology 1: I didn’t realize that editing an entry causes RSS feeders to send the entry again. As you RSS subscribers know, I make a lot of changes to my entries, so you’re getting multiple copies of the same entry as I tweak it. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely I’ll stop tweaking. I think of my blog like a web page that I can change all the time. I wasn’t aware that I’m causing you to get entries over and over.
  2. Apology 2: I’m just figuring out how Typepad and Ecto work together. It’s been an educational experience in font wars and templates. To put it mildly, I was feeling around in the dark.
  3. If anyone knows of a counter that I can put on my blog that shows a running count of visits for the day and then resets each day to 0, please let me know. After a while, a cumulative counter gets boring. I have a counter where I see the daily stats, but I’d like to put one on the blog for everyone to see.
  4. If you want me to cover a topic, please leave a comment in one of the postings. I read just about every comment.

Thanks for reading my blog!