My thanks to everyone who has linked to and evangelized this blog. As of this week, I’m in the Technorati top 50 with 3,450 links.

(This fabulous graphic is from Hugh Macleod.)

Some people are perplexed (perhaps even dismayed) with my high level of interest (aka, "obsession") in my Technorati ranking. I provide several explanations to choose from:

  1. I am a shallow, insecure person whose fragile ego must be externally fed by whatever validation I can find.
  2. I’m a goal oriented person. If I were a quarterback, I would keep track of touchdowns. If I were a winger, I would keep track of goals. If I were a shooting guard, I would keep track of three pointers. I’m a blogger (partially), so I keep track of links.
  3. Creating a link is a voluntary act. Presumably, the linker believes that the material is worth reading and therefore created the link. By extension, the more useful one’s blog becomes, the more people will link to it. The more people link to it, the higher you rise in Technorati. Thus, your Technorati ranking is a measure of your meaningfulness.
  4. I just love rankings.

Thanks for all your help!

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