Avenue A Razorfish recently published the 2007 Digital Outlook Report (6230.6K). This report examines trends in the way consumers, publishers, and advertisers employ digital media to have a conversation with each other. Specifically, it covers the following areas:

  1. Digital Buzz

  2. Digital Media (R)evolution

  3. Search

  4. Consumer Dialogues: The Digital Class

  5. Measurement

  6. Op-Ed: What’s on Our Minds?

    • Creative Considerations for 2007 by Jim Gibson

    • Why Authority Matters in Web 2.0 by Laura Porto

    • The Death of the Page View: How AJAX, RSS, and Widgets Will Force Us to Define a
      New Metric for User Engagement by Garrick Schmitt

    • “We”conomics: Monetization of the Evolving Digital Economy by Greg Pomaro

    • The New (Media) World Order by Bruce Woolsey

  7. Five Questions

    • Nathan Levi on Search Marketing

    • Iain McDonald on Viral Markting

    • Ray Velez on Windows Vista

    • David Baker on E-Mail Marketing

    • Olaf Czeschner on the Evolution of Digital Creative

    • Grace Ho on Mobile Marketing

    • Margie Chiu on Digital Strategy and Analytics

  8. Five Things Every Executive Should Know About Digital in 2007

It’s very useful reading for anyone involved with digital media, so check it out.