48 hours, 37% of kids had not responded. 62% of adults had
It’s okay to repeat tweets. Repeat tweets: 1. The CTRs each time are 1481, 1415, 1208, 955 …
10, 40, 45, 37
It’s okay not to engage.
It’s okay not to take crap.
It’s okay to tell people to unfollow you.
It’s okay to block people. If someone tweets something that’s truly vengeful and stupid, just block the person. This means they won’t be able to see your tweets unless they jump through some hoops. If they can’t see your tweets, they’re much less likely to attack you. Ergo, problem solved. (In a perfect world, blocking a person would mean that he can’t see your tweets, and you can’t see his, but Twitter isn’t a perfect world.)
It’s okay to ignore requests. Unlike email and voicemail, it’s okay to simply ignore requests on Twitter. This is because Twitter is so flakey that people never really know if their tweets got through to you. Ergo, there’s a low expectation for responses. Contrary to what the experts say, Twitter’s flakiness is a good thing for this reason.