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Raindance Communications is putting on another free seminar. This time it’s Darcy Rezac, the author of Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life.

Wednesday, April 12th 12 pm to 1 pm EDT


Here’s a description:

Studies show that a majority of people don’t enjoy networking even though building and maintaining relationships is absolutely essential to business success and yes, even personal happiness. Networking expert Darcy Rezac will introduce you to the art of Positive Networking: discovering what you can do for someone else.

  • How do I approach perfect, and not-so-perfect, strangers?
  • How do I avoid the “toads” by using Network Rule Number 7?
  • How do I escape the “cone of silence” at any dinner table?
  • How can I make any conversation catch fire?
  • How can I introduce myself to 100 or 400 people?
  • How can I to find the time to network?
  • Where do I find new ponds?

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