Here’s a list of stuff that any geek would be happy to receive–even late. I have everything on this list, so I can personally attest to the awesomeness of it.

I sorted them by price from low to high to make it easy for you. Nothing on this list was given to me, and I will NOT earn any affiliate fees. I just want you to have/give cool stuff.

$10. Motion-sensor, light sensitive light bulb. It’s easier/cheaper to change the bulb than the fixture.

$17. Macally cupholder phone mount. Because you don’t want your phone to block the air conditioning.

$18. iPad Pro case. I didn’t believe the price either, but it’s high quality.

$18. Roll-up disk drainer. There’s something very satisfying about watching water drip from your pots or chickens into the sink.

$20. Himalayan salt block grilling slab. The secret to a great burger: make a patty, punch a hole in the middle, put it on this slab, crack an egg into the hole, and rejoice.

$20. MacBook Air case. I didn’t believe this price either, but it’s also high quality.

$26. Charging station for five devices. Make your devices line up for a charge.

$26. Wyze wireless camera. $26 for a wireless camera. Who would have thought?

$39. OWC USB-C traveling doc. Covering up Apple’s flawed port strategy.

$40. Canopy keyboard case for iPad, etc. Until there’s a cool case/keyboard for the new iPad, I’ll use this.

$40. Wemo light switch. “Alexa, turn on the light.”

$46. Circle parental controls for your Internet access. I can’t understand how this works, but it does.

$69. Meater, Bluetooth cooking thermometer. My chicken and turkey have never tasted better.

$229. Echo Show. “Alexa, ask Surfline to show me Jack’s.”

$348. Sony WH1000XM3 noise-canceling headset. Sony absolutely nailed this headset. Indispensable when you’re flying to Sydney all the time.

$395. GoPro Hero 7. I tried to find a better action camera because there’s stuff about the GoPro that I hate (eg, poor battery life, pathetic remote control devices), but, IMHO, there’s nothing out there.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!