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Guy’s Top 10 Tips for Using Evernote
1. Take notes, easily find them later
Everyone takes notes — in business meetings, lectures, or simply scribbling things down on the way to the store. Evernote is better. When you take your notes in Evernote, they become accessible from anywhere, at any time, whether you are at home and at your desk, at work, or on the road. Moreover, they become searchable and far easier to find than searching through documents on your desktop or crumpled Post-Its. This is probably the feature I use most.
2. Photograph business cards
While the business world continues to move towards becoming increasingly paperless, business cards remain a necessary evil. Using Evernote, you can take a photo of each business card you receive using your mobile phone. Evernote automatically recognizes any text on the business card, making it searchable so you can find it when you need it. Once you’ve snapped that photo you can even hand the card back. That’s one less scrap of paper cluttering your life.
3. Clip news and content from the Web
I am always coming across interesting website and articles that I don’t have time to read. I’ll sometimes bookmark or flag them, but often forget to come back. Using the Evernote Web clipper, you can select a portion of a webpage (or the whole thing) and clip it. I then have the text, links and images in Evernote and can easily access that content during a (rare) slow moment in the day, even from my iPhone.
4. Track your expenses
Evernote is a great place to throw all of your receipts, deposit slips, checks, and just about anything else that you don’t want to lose. The best way to get this into Evernote is by scanning everything directly into your Evernote account. You can configure most scanners to drop the scanned images into Evernote or you can uses services like Shoeboxed or Pixily, which are integrated with Evernote. Then, when tax season rolls around, all of your expenses are sitting pretty in Evernote.
5. Create a Twitter archive
Follow @myEN on Twitter, and then put the tag anywhere in your tweet in order to send it directly into your Evernote account. You can also send a direct message to @myEN in order to create a quick note in Evernote. This also works when using Twitter over SMS.
6. Import photos from your digital camera
Using Eye-Fi’s wireless SD memory cards, you can send photos directly from a digital camera into your Evernote account, turning your camera into a memory capturing device. What’s more, your photos will instantly become searchable. This is really great for whiteboards since Evernote makes the text searchable, so you don’t have to write everything down. No syncing, no cables, no finicky docks, it just works.
7. Share notes
Want to share an image of a delicious restaurant meal or need to send a copy of a partner’s business card to a colleague? With Evernote, you can email individual notes right from your mobile device. Also, Evernote recently added the ability to share entire notebooks using their Web version. You can even grant read/write privileges (if you’re a premium user) so that your friends can collaborate on a notebook.
8. Snap photos of whiteboards
At the end of a meeting, snap a photo of the whiteboard instead of having to hastily scribble down as many points and graphs as you can. The text in the photograph then becomes searchable and accessible from anywhere. This works for whiteboards, blackboards, even projected slides.
9. Remember your favorite wines
Sadly, it’s all too easy to drink a fabulous bottle of wine and never be able to remember it again. Now I can snap a picture of the bottle, tag it “wine” in Evernote and search for the label on my mobile phone the next time I show up at Safeway looking for a good dry white.
10. Collect information on your next trip destination
Planning a trip next holiday season to New Orleans? Use Evernote to clip hotel ideas, recommended restaurants, flight plans, maps, driving routes and more. You’ll now have all your information in one place, which you can make public to share with friends and family and access pre, post and even during your vacation.
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