I would like to include personal stories of enchantment in my next book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. I am looking for examples of how people, products, services, organizations, ideas, or causes enchanted.


  • Written from your personal experience, not an external, academic view.

  • 150-200 words

  • Ideally, all the basics would be in your essay: who, what, when, why, and how.

As an example, here is how something enchanted me:

The second most enchanting moment of my life occurred in 1983 when Mike Boich showed me a Macintosh prototype. (The most enchanting moment was meeting my wife.) This life-changing event happened in back of a non-descript building on Bandley Drive in Cupertino, California. Boich was the software evangelist of the Macintosh Division of Apple.

Back then, personal computing was very different. The best case was text on a screen, and if you were lucky, your computer (if you had a computer) displayed upper and lower-case text, and you moved around the screen with cursor keys. Seeing Macintosh for the first time was an epiphany and transformational moment. It removed the scales from my eyes, parted the clouds, and I thought I heard angels singing.

Please send your 150-200 word essay to guykawasaki@gmail.com. Thanks.