I enjoy the process of coming up with a name for a company or product, and the fact that so many domains are taken makes it more challenging and enjoyable. (My latest, greatest is Muchobene.) Halfagain Marketing posted an article called “What’s my name?” which is a very useful list of naming tips. For example, it mentions two online tools that I had never heard of: More Words and Word Lab Tools.

I’ve covered naming three times in the past (almost as many times as Truemors!) in case you’re interested: The Name Game, Trademark Tips for Your Web App, and A Study of the Pros and Cons of Company Names. By the way, I wish someone would create—hopefully it’s available already, and I don’t know about it—a site where I could enter a word in English and simultaneously get the translation in several languages like Japanese, Hawaiian, Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, and Latin. This would be very useful for coming up with names.

Update: Michael Kreppein pointed out (thanks!) that Dictionary.com provides multiple translations at the bottom of a word’s page—I seldom scroll down that far, so I didn’t remember this. Still need Hawaiian and Japanese in English characters, though.