Deb Ng is the founder of Freelance Writing Jobs. She recently explained what it took to build her blog into the successful site that it is today. Here are the first three factors:

  1. I put in more than an hour or two each day—My blog became a full time job. If I wasn’t blogging, I was planning the next day’s posts, analyzing traffic patterns, and networking with others. It’s a day job, it’s a night job, and it’s a weekend and holiday job.

  2. I read everything I could about traffic, community, monetization and other strategies needed to become a successful blogger. Keeping apprised of the latest tips and techniques helped me to achieve new levels of blogginess.

  3. I networked within—and outside of—the freelance writing community—Yes, I participated in discussions at other freelance writing blogs and forums, but I also visited with other communities. Freelance writers participate in various niches and genres, it only makes sense to branch out beyond the obvious.

Read the rest of her story to learn what it took to take her blog to the next level.