This posting is a very simple tip that I discovered this weekend. Perhaps many people already know about it, but I didn’t.

Suppose you know someone whose kids spend too much time on the Internet playing, for example, World of Warcraft. The question is, “How can I limit Internet access for particular computers?” Sure, you could simply reason with the kids and command their respect, but how cool is that?

If you use a Linksys wireless broadband router, there’s a way. In the setup area of the router, select the tab called “Access Restrictions.” There you can create a “policy” for denying or allowing Internet access to specific computers based on their MAC address.

The Linksys software enables you to setup policies according to day of the week and time. For example, allowing access all days of the week from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm for your daughter’s computer. You can also block specific sites.

Macintosh owners can get the MAC address by launching “About This Mac” in the Apple menu then clicking on “More Info…” In the “Contents” column, click on “Network” and scroll down to “Ethernet.” PC owners: you’re on your own.

I suppose spouses could use this to restricting blogging, but I digress…

Addendum: Anonymous pointed out an even better solution to World of Warcraft control. Click here to see how you can control access to the program.