Jajah is a VOIP phone service that doesn’t require a download or headset. It enables you to make VOIP calls from any phone to any phone. The company recently introduced “Jajah buttons.” This product enables people to call you at no charge (or very low cost) by clicking on a button in places such as email signatures, blogs, websites, MySpace page, and Facebook profiles.


The key features of Jajah Buttons include:

  • Customize the color, size, and style of the buttons.

  • Keep your number confidential.

  • Control who can call you and at what times.

  • Block unwanted callers.

This is a way for you to enable customers, relatives, and friends to call you very easily. Think of it as an “800 number for the rest of us.” A great use is also eBay auctions, but that got tricky right away. :-)

I am on the board of advisors of Jajah.