LicketyShip provides courier-service shipping. Its prices are comparable to, and often less than, companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Basically, LicketyShip acts as a aggregator of multiple couriers: it’s researched couriers’ reputations and prices for you.

When you want to ship something, go to LicketyShip’s site to enter what you need delivered, where, and when, and it helps you select the best courier. Then you place an order with a credit card. You can even track your delivery just like with the big boys/girls.

Maybe you don’t have anything to ship right now, but from a purely marketing perspective, you should check out the company’s testimonial page featuring K&L Wine Merchants and the Los Angeles Times. Compare this to the usual bull shiitake that companies write to “prove” their worth. And you have to admit that the name is clever: “Lickety” for speed, “Ship” for what it does.