Fanpop is a network of social portals where communities of fans can discover and share content and participate in discussions around their favorite topics of interest.

Rather than visiting multiple websites and forums or hunting and pecking through search results, passionate users bring the best content together in one place. Fans can submit, organize, and rate digital content such as videos, articles, sites, and blogs for topics.

This saves people the time and trouble of having to scour the web for quality content that other knowledgeable fans have already discovered. The underlying belief is that people that are fanatical about something tend to be the best and most reliable source of information for that specific something.

The site combines a little bit of everything: polls, social bookmarking, social network, news, and forums. The site has multiple portals, so that Fanpop can keep topics somewhat contained since a fifty-year old mother of three who is a fan of knitting, luxury travel, and parenting is unlikely to go into the Britney Spears, geeks or Being a Man spots and vice versa.

Here is a list of ten spots that illustrate how the site is used:

  1. France Spot :-)

  2. The Viral Videos Spot

  3. Startups and Entrepreneurship Spot

  4. Cooking Spot

  5. Web 2.0 Spot

  6. “Lost” Spot

  7. Geeks Spot

  8. Smart phones and mobile devices

  9. Apple Spot

  10. Blogging Spot

Maybe some fans (if I have any left) will start a forum called the “G spot.”