Raquel Willis: Leading the Transition Toward Equality

Welcome to Remarkable People. We're on a mission to make you remarkable. Helping me in this episode is Raquel Willis. Raquel is a multifaceted force for change—a trailblazing Black transgender activist, a gifted writer, a media strategist, and a passionate speaker. Her dedication to uplifting marginalized voices is at the core of her work, [...]

Frederick Joseph

Frederick Joseph is the founder and CEO of We Have Stories. This is a non-profit creative agency that supports projects to foster greater equality in the world. In this episode, you’ll see how little I know about current black culture, but at least I know what I don’t know. And I’m willing to learn. [...]

Haben Girma

Today's remarkable guest is Haben Girma. Haben was born in Oakland, California to an immigrant Eritrean family. In her early childhood, she began to lose her eyesight and hearing. She graduated from Skyline High School in Oakland and went on to graduate magna cum laude from Lewis and Clark. After college, she obtained [...]

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