There’s a group effort for bloggers to post their “last post” today. Here’s the premise: If you had one last blog post to send out, what would you say? This is based on The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

I thought about this for two days, and my conclusion is that if I knew I when I was going to die, I would not use one second of my last moments to write a blog post. I would spend as much time as I could with my wife and children—and maybe grandchildren if it’s that long from now. And if I could manage it, I would play hockey one last time and score a hat trick.

The funny thing is that if I continue to tweet the way I tweet now, it would take a while for people to realize I was dead. In fact, people might never realize I was dead because all my ghosts (how’s that for irony?) are much younger than I am.

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