Over the weekend we upgraded Alltop to version 3. The primary functions that this version addresses are improved navigation and search. Because Alltop has grown to over 700 topics, we needed a better way for people to understand what Alltop does and to find topics that interest them.


Version 1. Circa March, 2008.


Version 2. Circa March, 2009.

Screen shot 2009-09-21 at 10.33.50 PM.jpg

Version 3. September 2009.

We also wanted to increase advertising revenue by placing an ad on our home page. :-) The “What’s Hot” section on the home page shows the websites and blogs that are most frequently added to people’s personalized MyAlltop pages.

Electric Pulp did the redesign for us again. This firm has designed Alltop from the start. If you ever need a web design firm, do yourself a favor and contact the folks there. But don’t give them too many projects because I need them to continue to improve Alltop!