I’ve been tweaking my blog for the past few days. Just wanted to let you know:

  • Check the siderail under my picture. My buddy Mike Johnston wrote a script that displays my Technorati rank plus the number of links I need to get into the top ten. I’ve found out that caring so blatantly about my ranking really polarizes people (here’s a great example), so I thought I’d take "blatantly caring" to a whole new level. :-) I don’t know how Mike wrote the script: Will the number will turn negative once/if I reach the top ten? I’d like to find out soon. :-)
  • I’ve started to respond to comments inside the comments. I’ve found that it’s too hard to track a thread, so I’m responding in this new manner. While I’m in there, I’ll fix typos too. But I’ll never do more than fix typos in the original comment.
  • Since I couldn’t find a good solution for automated table of contents generation, I added categories. With categories plus the cloud plus the search box plus the archives, I hope you can find old stuff.

Thanks for your support!

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