This episode’s guest is the one and only Andrew Zimmern.

I adored his TV series called Bizarre Foods. Like Remarkable People, the title explains it all–Andrew went around the world eating bizarre foods and learning about different cultures.

It was a program that my family watched together. Whenever I traveled, I tried to watch an episode of Bizarre Foods to give me ideas for where to eat–not that I would eat what Andrew ate.

For example, I would not eat rotten shark in Iceland because I prefer ammonia on my window, not my plate.

Bizarre Foods lasted 15 years and there were 100 episodes. Andrew also won four James Beard awards and starred in many other culinary and cooking shows. He also wrote four books.

His latest TV series is called What’s Eating America, and it is a window into Andrew’s soul because he uses food to investigate, understand, and explain some of the most divisive issues facing America.

This episode is not all unicorns and pixie dust about eating great food. Many people don’t know this but early in his career struggled with drug addiction. We go into this in great detail in our interview.

By listening to this episode, you will learn the most important career tip that you can learn, why you really don’t want to eat tainted cumin, and how to pick a good restaurant.

The only thing about Andrew that disappoints me is that he hates spam. That is blasphemous for someone from Hawaii like me.

I’m Guy Kawasaki and this is Remarkable People. And now here’s Andrew Zimmern.

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Learn from Remarkable People Guest, Andrew Zimmern

Learn to make some great comfort food at home: Pasta Carbonara. This elegant Roman pasta is simple to make and one of the most soul-satisfying meals I can think of. It’s superb even without fussy ingredients, but it becomes HEAVENLY with seriously good cheese, and orange-yolked farm fresh eggs. It will change your life.

Andrew’s new show is What’s Eating America

In each episode, Andrew Zimmern travels the country to see first-hand the impact these critical issues– immigration, climate change, addiction, voting rights and healthcare– have on food and the everyday lives of Americans. What’s Eating America airs Sunday at 9PM ET on MSNBC.

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So now you have the most important career advice you’ll ever hear: make yourself indispensable. Indispensable people get jobs, keep jobs, and make money.

And if I see you at a run-down hot dog stand in New York standing in line all by yourself, I will be very disappointed.

I’m Guy Kawasaki, and this is Remarkable People. My thanks to Jeff Sieh and Peg Fitzpatrick who as indispensable to me. Mahalo also to Tom Wiese and Shawn Hall for making this interview happen.