This is a bonus episode of my Remarkable People podcast called The Art of Perseverance. It’s a kick in your pants mini-keynote to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers figure out how to persevere during the pandemic. There won’t be any unicorns, pixie dust, or singing kumbaya while holding hands. We’re talking do or die decisions.

Buckle up and get a pep talk from Guy Kawasaki based on his experiences working at Apple when it was failing, advising companies during crises, and running his own companies in good times and harsh ones.

No one has been in this situation before. It’s more important than ever to make wise decisions.

I hope this episode of Remarkable People helps you and your business. And now, The Art of Perseverance.

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I hope this bonus episode will bring you some clarity and help guide you through the storm.

I’m Guy Kawasaki, and this is Remarkable People. My thanks to Jeff Sieh and Peg Fitzpatrick who are helping me get through this difficult time.