SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs) is hosting an event called “Launch: Silicon Valley” on November 8 at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View, California.

SVASE is looking for new companies that are ready for launch or have launched recently. If you want to nominate a company, please email a two-page executive summary to:

(If you do apply, please read this blog entry about executive summaries. It will help your nomination a lot.

The deadline for nominations is October 15. Launch: Silicon Valley is not a pitchfest, and companies will not be allowed to ask for investments. They will, however, generate buzz, excite customers, recruit talent, and unearth partners. SVASE wants to find companies that are not already well-funded and well-known and that can’t afford their own fancy PR campaigns.

This advisory board of venture capitalists and executives will review all nominations:

  • Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

  • John Occhipinti, Managing Director, Woodside Fund

  • David Aslin, General Partner, 3i

  • Ian Sobiesky, Managing Director, Band of Angels

  • Warren Packard, Managing Director, Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson

  • Cliff Reeves, General Manager, .NET Platform Strategy

  • Arthur Coleman, President, re: Thought

Garage Technology Ventures and Microsoft are co-sponsors of the event. If you have any questions about the event, or if you want to register to attend, look here.

Earlier that day, Garage and SVASE are also running a conference called “The Art of the Start.” Click here for details.