How did Amazon become one of the most successful companies of all time?

This week’s guest on my Remarkable People podcast is going to share his experience from the inside of the innovation of Amazon.

Colin Bryar has a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering from Cornell. He worked at Amazon for approximately thirteen years beginning in 1998.

He held three positions at Amazon: director of Amazon Associate, chief of staff of Jeff Bezos, and chief operating officer of IMDB.

He and Bill Carr, also a former executive at Amazon, have written a book called Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon.

If you want to create a company as successful as Amazon, you’ll cherish this episode. You’ll learn key concepts such as:

  • Working backwards. That is, doing what customers want as opposed to doing what you want.
  • The power of the 6-page narrative and why Amazon banned PowerPoint.
  • The highly structured and disciplined Amazon recruiting procedure
  • Why 2 pizza teams with single-threaded leadership rocks
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In short, for the inside, behind-the-scenes story of Amazon’s success, you’ve come to the right podcast.

Listen to Colin Bryar on Remarkable People:

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