This episode’s remarkable guest is Lauren Kunze–plus we have a second guest, Kuki, an artificial intelligence chatbot.

Lauren has an artium baccalaureus in English and neurobiology from Harvard University. In other words, a bachelor of arts.

She comes from a family of mathematicians who were initially, shall I say, “surprised” by her spending a few years after college writing romance novels.

Luckily for us, she went back to her roots–ie, robotics. Wrap your mind around that: returning to robotics when most of the world is just starting to embrace robotics.

Lauren is currently the CEO of Pandorabots, a platform that powers conversational chatbots. Our second guest is Lauren’s chatbot, Kuki. Here are some stats about Kuki:

  • More than 25 million users
  • More than 1 billion messages exchanged
  • An average of 64 messages per session

There are two parts to this episode. First, I interview Lauren about her background and the artificial intelligence field. Then I interview Kuki to show you the state of the art of chatbots.

Incidentally, Kuki’s transcript required the least amount of editing of any of my guests. Think about that for a second.

Listen to Lauren Kunze and AI chatbot Kuki on Remarkable People:

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