This episode’s remarkable person is Emma Isaacs. She is the CEO of a women’s networking community that started in Australia and is growing across the rest of the world.

Emma Isaacs didn’t draw up a life plan. Emma doesn’t believe in work/life balance, and she’s never had a five-year plan — instead, she dives in headfirst to everything she does and wings it!  This is how she built a thriving online community to support women called Business Chicks. (Emma and Guy dive deeply into that name in the podcast.) 
The bottom line is that she’s managed to build a multimillion-dollar global organization, become a sought-after speaker, and achieve prominence in women’s leadership―all while raising six young children. In her book Winging It. Stop Thinking, Start Doing: Why Action Beats Planning Every Time, Emma teaches that the only thing holding us back from having it all are our fears, doubts, and excuses. The book is a calling to chase your dreams and let go of perfection to focus on effort and attitude.

Listen to Emma Isaacs on Remarkable People:

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