I love the concept of Facebook applications based on my limited experience with Truemors for Friends. One bummer is that people can only invite ten friends per day to try a new application—which is problem if you’re just getting on the bandwagon. To help my fellow Facebook developers, I’ve decided to help them promote their application (there is one catch: they help me promote mine too). This posting is about an application called Books.


Books enables Facebook users to manage the books that they’ve read and to learn more about books that may interest them. The product’s key features include:

  1. Share books with friends or the entire Facebook network.

  2. Post comments and assign star ratings.

  3. Discover new books to read based on real-world feedback.

Books is a great way to find new books and to share your knowledge and opinions with the Facebook community. There are currently approximately 50,000 users. It is available for installation here.

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