Facebook reduced the number of people that a developer can invite to add an application. The limit went from infinity to ten; thus, it is much harder to achieve critical mass. However, if a developer can evangelize people to invite ten friends each, the outlook is brighter. The question is, “How do you get people to do this?”

As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (with all due respect to PETA). Here’s my offer: if you install Truemors for Facebook, invite ten friends to install it, and post a few truemors, I will send you an autographed copy of The Art of the Start. You might wonder how I’ll know if you installed Truemors and invited ten people. The answer is that I am going to trust you.

There’s one limitation. I will only ship books to addresses in the U. S. because I don’t have the bandwidth to figure out shipping and customs to every country in the world. Note: I said I will only ship to U. S. addresses. For example, if you live in Kazakhstan and have a friend or relative (“Borat”) in the U. S. who can get the book to you, go for it.

Please proceed by installing Truemors. After you’ve invited ten friends and posted a few truemors, send your name and address to this email address. This offer is limited to the first two hundred people.

Let’s see if I get disabled by Facebook for doing this. :-)