This episode’s guest is not merely remarkable, but she’s been called a “national treasure” because of her work at Life Magazine, Newsweek, Psychology Today, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone.

Her name is Karen Mullarkey. She launched the career of many of the most famous photographers in the world. You’re going to hear stories about Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Gordon Parks, Herb Ritts, Anna Wintour, and Katharine Graham.

Her interview was so remarkable that I created a list of references to the people and topics that she mentions. You can peruse the list here.

I conducted this interview by phone while she was vacationing, so you’ll get to hear the cardinals chirping in the trees and the answering machine ringing where she was staying. When is the last time you heard an answering machine ringing???

Here’s a challenge for you. If you know of anyone who has pictures of two women at Christo Vladimirov Javacheff’s “Running Fence” in June or July 1976, those pictures may have been taken by Richard Avedon! It would be epic to use social media to find the pictures.

I know you’re going to love this interview with Karen Mullarkey, the national treasure of photo editors.

I hope that you found this episode as “wow” inspiring as I did. It was utterly fantastic to hear stories about legends in photography, news, and fashion.

I second the motion that Karen is a “national treasure.” If you know anyone interested in photography, news, or fashion, please tell them to listen to this episode.

My thanks to Prescott Lee for suggesting Karen as a guest. That was a stroke of brilliance.

My thanks for Peg Fitzpatrick and Jeff Sieh who I treasure too.

I’m Guy Kawasaki, and this is Remarkable People. Live a long time–wear a mask and stay away from crowds. Mahalo and aloha.

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This week’s question is:

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Please enjoy the photo gallery below by clicking on the images. The photo of Karen with sunglasses is by Annie Leibovitz.