My source at LinkedIn, Kay Luo, tells me that my profile is in the 99.99th percentile of profiles viewed. She insisted that I should make it good—or at least suck less. So I enlisted her and LinkedIn’s designer, Mike Lin, to do an “extreme makeover” of my profile.
This is what was wrong with my original profile:



One of her strong suggestions was to ask a question at LinkedIn Answers to activate my network. Please click here to answer it.

My New Profile

This is my new profile now that I’ve seen the light: If you’re going to use LinkedIn, you should put some effort into your profile. My original one reflected a minimal amount of effort. For example, many of my current and past affiliations were missing, and I did not craft good descriptions of what I stand for. This incompleteness made my profile ineffective for networking. Hopefully, my makeover will provide some ideas to help you.


While we’re on the topic of networking and linking, my buddy Gayle Hallgren-Rezac told me about an entrepreneur in Ottawa offers a hockey ticket to Senators games to people he’d like to meet. Here’s the
story. Something like this would work on me. :-)