Have you ever wondered how you could be a remarkable speaker?

When I started working at Apple in 1986 I was afraid of public speaking—for one thing, working for the division run by Steve Jobs was intimidating: “How could I possibly measure up to Steve?” But if you want to succeed as an evangelist and CEO, you must learn how to make speeches.

It took me twenty years to get comfortable with public speaking, and this podcast explains what I’ve learned. I am not content that you merely survive speeches. I want you to get standing ovations.

Have something interesting to say. This is 80 percent of the battle. It’s much easier to give a great speech if you have something to communicate. End of discussion. If you don’t have anything to say, decline the speech. If you don’t want to decline, then do some research and get something interesting to say.

In this episode of Remarkable People, I’m going to give you a mini-keynote called How to be a Remarkable Speaker. It’s your sure-fire, short-cut to setting the world on fire with your ideas.
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In this episode of Remarkable People with Guy Kawasaki:

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