Free “Twitter for Business” Teleseminar

On November 13th, 10:00 am Pacific, O’Reilly is conducting a free teleseminar called “Twitter for Business.” I’ve read the report that the teleseminar is based on, and it’s quite good so I encourage you to listen by clicking here. The teleseminar will explain how businesses can use Twitter. The presenter is: Sarah Milstein, a consultant [...]

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Literature and Narrative Management

Over at the American Express Open Forum blog I posted an article called “Literature and Narrative Management.” According to the New York Times, hospitals are incorporating the study of literature into residency programs because it leads to greater innovation, empathy, and communication. My theory is the same would hold true for business.

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How to Change People’s Attitudes

I posted an article about a classic psychology experiment that shows how people can change the attitudes of others. Click here to read it. One of the main messages is that people are often persuaded when they don't expect it, so you should be persuading all the time.

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