This episode’s guest is Dr. Steven Pinker. He is a Harvard professor of cognitive science (the study of the human mind) with expertise in visual cognition and psycholinguistics as well as an author and speaker. He writes about language, the mind and human nature.

Recall my interview with Dr. Stephen Wolfram a few weeks ago. Steven Pinker is to social science what Steven Wolfram is to math and physics. In other words, off-the-scale, intimidating insightfulness, and intelligence.

My interpretation of Steven is that he’s all about science and facts. Politics, religion, tribalism, nostalgia, and wishful thinking do not influence much less cloud his judgement. If only more people in leadership positions were like him.

Which is to say that to Steven, the sky is neither falling nor cloudless and blue. It is what it is. Keep listening if you want to learn about the most important tools for an informed and intelligent electorate.

I know you’ll be interested in and inspired by Dr. Pinker. Give it a listen and don’t forget to subscribe.

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I hope you enjoyed this interview of Dr. Pinker. Prepping for this interview, like the one for Steve Wolfram, almost made my head explode.

I hope that this interview helps you approach decision-making in scientific, fact-based ways. That’s how we’ll get through these difficult times.

I’m Guy Kawasaki, and this Remarkable People. My thanks to Jeff Sieh and Peg Fitzpatrick for their awesome work in helping me deliver this podcast every week. My mahalo to Sasha Andreas, quote/unquote, a random French guy who introduced me to Steven.