Zody Chair

Zody Chair at Sit4Less.jpg

First, the kind folks at Sit4Less sent me a Haworth Zody. It is the most comfortable office chair that I’ve ever used. You can tweak it in more ways than an open-source SQL database. If anything, it’s so supportive that you’ll sit too long and blog too much!



Second, Valet is a Macintosh utility that records the applications that you use and provides quick and easy access to them. Since I started using it about six months ago, I hardly use Apple’s Dock. Check it out if you want to organize files and applications in folders.

The Big Curmudgeon

Amazon.com_ The Big Curmudgeon_ 2,500 Outrageously Irreverent Quotations from World-Class Grumps and Cantankerous Commentators_ Books_ Jon Winokur.jpg

Third, my buddy Jon Winokur, antagonist of France and America, just came out with another great collection of sarcasm and wit called The Big Curmudgeon: 2,500 Outrageously Irreverent Quotations from World-Class Grumps and Cantankerous Commentators. If you want many good chuckles, get this book.

Jon even interviewed me and put a caricature of me on the cover, so I have “arrived.” Speaking of arriving (and self-flattery). I was in the Denver airport the other day. This college-student age looking woman gets out of her seat and gives me her cell phone, so I immediately start hallucinating: “She’s recognized me, so she’s going to show me that she’s reading my blog. Or, she wants to show me an email where someone has sung my praises to her.”

I read the draft text message that’s on her phone, and it said, “Your zipper is down, and I thought I would tell you.” How funny is that? Almost as funny as my Jackie Chan story.