Picture 3.jpgIf you’re searching for a Father’s Day gift that a traveling dad (or mom) will truly appreciate the whole year, consider a Clear card. This is the card that involves pre-screening of your background so that you can get through airport secureity faster. My experience is that I get through security at every Clear airport in five minutes or less.

This is a big deal for me–well worth the $100/year that Clear costs. If it allows you to catch one flight that you would have missed (inbound or outbound!), it will pay for itself. Even if it only lets you do more work before you fly, it’s worth the money. Here are more details about how it works.

You can get a list of Clear airports here–there are about nineteen of them. You can sign up for the service here, and we’ll both get an extra free month if you use my referral code: SCA84218. I’ll see you in the Red Carpet Club with plenty of time to spare!