Now-Up-to-Date Script for Motorola Q

A few months ago I mentioned that I had bought a Motorola Q and posed the question of getting my appointments from Now-Up-to-Date to the phone. The best solution was this convoluted path: Export from Now-Up-to-Date, import into Palm Desktop, export as vCal, import into iCal, and then synchronize with Missing Sync.

One blog reader, Michael LaMorte, wrote a script for me so that I export from Now-Up-to-Date into a specific folder. There’s a script attached to this folder that places the appointments into iCal. Then I synchronize (actually, over-write) with Missing Sync. This is a vast improvement. If you’d like to use this script, click here. It’s called “PD2iCal”



A buddy of mine from the old days of MacUser started a company called Retrevo. This is a vertical search engine for consumer electronics. If you’re into gadgets, you have to give it a shot. Try searching for “D200” (ie, Nikon D200) in Retrevo and then in Google. You’ll see why this is such a useful site.


Logitech Presenter

Logitech makes a terrific remote control device for changing PowerPoint slides called the Presenter. It’s the best device of its kind that I’ve found; these are its key features:

  • Fifty-foot range, and it doesn’t require pointing at the receiver.

  • The laser pointer requires no special sequence to turn on.

  • There’s a place to slide the USB receiver into the transmitter, so you don’t lose it.

  • You can set the transmitter to vibrate when time is running out at the five and two minutes to go marks; thus, there’s no need to try to look at your watch as slyly as possible.


“The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)” by Peter K Sheerin

This is very useful guide about typography on the Web from A List Apart. If you’re a blogger and into getting things right, this is a must read. It was referred to me by Dave McCollum.

Before you even ask, my post postings contain many mistakes by the standards that Sheerin explains. But I just love this tweaky typography stuff.


iStockphoto Sells Video Clips

iStockphoto is now selling video clips. Here’s an example that you could have put together for $15. Check out what iStockphoto has to offer by clicking here.

GuyKawasaki 024.jpg

Jersey from My Buddies in Waterloo

Here’s a picture of me getting a really cool jersey during my trip to Waterloo. Go Leafs! Just don’t beat the Sharks.