Inspired by The Amateur Gourmet’s truffles-centric adventure, I present to you a “comic” based on a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I was there to speak to the Outlook Leadership conference for convenience-store retailers. This was created with Comic Life from Plasq.

While I was there, I asked my hockey buddy, Prof. Steven Strasler, if I could speak to the Project Artemis class at Thunderbird. This is a program to help women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan. If any entrepreneurs complain to me about how hard it is to start a company in the United States, they will get an earful from me.

And since I was going to be at Thunderbird, Steve then asked me to speak to a class in entrepreneurship for the MBA program. All in all, it was a pretty fun twenty-four hours in Phoenix. I have no idea what this post will look like for RSS subscribers, but it can’t be optimal. :-)