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I love Kirtsy. You can think of it as “Digg for chicks” (in the words of QueenofSpain), and it features the user-selected stories in topic such as Arts & Entertainment, Design & Crafts, Family & Parenting, and Food & Home.

Today, for example, it pointed to a story about Chloe Marshall, a size sixteen girl who reached the finals of the Miss England contest. (Men: Let me translate: in other words, she’s not your typical skinny blonde beauty contestant.) By contrast, over in Digg (what chicks call “Kirsty for men”), the hot story is “30 Error Messages You Never Want to See.”

These are three women behind the Kirtsy: Laura Mayes, Gabrielle Blair, and Laurie Smithwick. They have a Truemoresque tale: never met face-to-face until after the site launched, spent a very small sum of money to get it going, and lead very busy lives. (The three of them have a total of eight kids, and all have full-time jobs.)

If you’d like to read very different kinds of stories from the usual “security problem found in IE,” do check out Kirtsy. If you’re a man, you’ll impress many women if you do. If you’re a woman, shame on you for having to learn about Kirsty from a man.

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Today must be “get in touch with your feminine side Friday” because I just saw the world’s greatest shoe wheel. Read about it here.