Just came across three cool projects/sites that I have found very useful:

  1. Snap Shots plugin for Firefox. If you use Firefox, this is an essential plugin. It enables you to place your cursor over a link and see a snapshot of the web page. This used to require that the site implement some Javascript on its server but not anymore. Any site will work if you add this plugin.

  2. 40+ Tips to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation. “Dumblittleman” went through the trouble of distilling the Online Writing Lab of Purdue University. You see so much crappy writing on the web…don’t we all wish people would know at least these fundamentals?

  3. Marketing Practice is a site dedicated to the analysis of brands in India. The site owner is an associate professor at a business school in India. He has analyzed approximately 250 Indian brands. Check out the “Categories” in his sidebar.

I might make this “cool-stuff week” because cool stuff has been flowing into my inbox lately.