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In 2006 I wrote about Vyew and asked the obvious question: “Does the world need another web conferencing product?” I guess the answer is “yes” because the company is now profitable and has 100,000 registered users.

Vyew combines real-time (synchronous) conferencing and desktop sharing with always-on (asynchronous) collaboration such as highlighting, drawing, text and sidebar comments and sticky notes. This allows groups to have a live meeting and also carry on a contextual forum discussion over time at their convenience. It’s a browser-only cross-platform tool without the need for any client installation. You can upload any form of digital content (files, images, audio, video, etc.) into the Vyew space for collaboration and learning. Also, Flash learning objects that were originally for individual use can be turned into collaborative learning objects inside Vyew.

Vyew is useful in situations that requires collaboration, review and approval. For example, graphic and industrial designers, architects, marketing, PR and legal professionals, event planners, etc. can upload drawings, brochures, news releases, contracts, audio, and video files to Vyew where the content can be accessed and annotated from anywhere with no need to install Vyew or the software that created the content. If you need such a tool, check it out here because this is a Reality Check success story.