Macintosh 25th Anniversary Reunion: Where Did Time Go?

On January 24, 1984 Apple introduced Macintosh. Many of us who worked in the Macintosh division are now asking, “Where did the time go?” The Division had a reunion at the home of Alain Rossman (software evangelist) and Joanna Hoffman (the division’s conscience and first marketing person) to celebrate this occasion, and these are pictures [...]

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The Value of Neatness

In "Order vs. Disorder: Surroundings Matter" Roger Dooley explains how disorder can affect the behavior of people. He cites a study where 13% of the people snatched an envelope with clearly visible a five-Euro note in it from a mailbox. When the mailbox was covered with graffiti, 27% snatched the envelope. Does this mean that [...]

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Increase the Effectiveness of Learning

In a posting called "How to Become a More Effective Learner," Kendra Van Wagner explains ten simple things you can do to increase the effectiveness of your learning. It includes ideas like teaching other people what you've learned, gaining practical experience, and stopping trying to multitask. Important lessons for anyone who wants to change the [...]

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Analysis of Collaboration

In an article called "Dream Teams," Carlin Flora of Psychology Today examines the dynamics of collaboration in architecture, music, fashion, robotics. One great benefit of collaboration is that it enables both people to be more daring. If you’re thinking about your founding team, don’t miss this post. (See more about psychology at Psychology.alltop.)

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Brands Using Twitter

In "Brands that Tweet" Paul Dunay provides a very interesting list of the big companies that are using Twitter. Worth the read if you're in a consumer-facing business considering the use of Twitter. There's no doubt in my mind that your organization should use Twitter. For more information about Twitter, see Twitter.alltop.

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How to Reinvent Your Personality

Check out "Strategic Change."  In this posting, the Psychology Today staff explain how to change your personality. I've seen people make changes like this--though within narrow confines--so you can do it. For related stories, see Psychology.alltop.

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