Great Expectations

On the day that Apple announced the iPhone, my eleven-year-old son decided that he wanted one. Since then he’s done chores above-and-beyond the call of duty in order to earn $500 to buy one. Fast forward to last week when this news appeared in the business press: NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn [...]

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Last Post of 2006

For the last post of 2006, here is a funny comment from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog: The Days Before PodPhone Twas a few days past Christmas and all through the house, Vista was waiting to hear from your mouse. Jim Allchin retired and bought a nice Mac. He transferred his data and [...]

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Woz Outtakes

Steve O’Hear traveled to America in 2004 with two friends in order to document life in Silicon Valley. The end result is a DVD that he’s selling called In Search of the Valley. It contains interviews of people like John Warnock (Adobe), Andy Hertzfeld (Macintosh programming whiz), Woz, Craig Newmark (Craig’s List) Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly [...]

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Steve Jobs at the Cupertino City Council

Saw this at Presentation Zen: Steve Jobs testifying at the Cupertino City Council. There is much to observe in this short clip: Casual speaking style No slides or multimedia crutches Friendly yet powerful: i.e., he's essentially saying, "We could have gone elsewhere, but we stuck with Cupertino so be nice to us..." What other Fortune [...]

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A Brief History of Mine

To build a case that you should give a shiitake about this blog, let me explain my background. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1954. My family lived in a tough part of Honolulu called Kalihi Valley. We weren’t rich, but I never felt poor-because my mother and father made many sacrifices for my [...]

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