A point of clarification to the award winners of the my loop contest. I’ve sent most of you a copy of The Art of the Start, and I signed them “Kick butt!–Guy Kawasaki.”

Some people thought I wrote “Lick butt.” Once I autographed a book for a woman, and she asked me why I signed her book, “Nice butt!” (I can’t remember if she had one or not.)

So just so you know, I sign my books, “Kick butt.” Not “Nice butt.” Not “Kiss butt.” And certainly not “Lick butt.”

And while we’re on the subject of kicking butt, let me tell you a funny story. About six years ago, at the height of the dotcom hype, I owned a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. One day I was at a stoplight in Menlo Park, and a car full of teenage girls in the next next lane were giggling and smiling at me.

I’m thinking, “Guy, you’ve finally arrived: Even teenage girls know who you are–Macintosh evangelist, venture capitalist, author, speaker. How sweet it is!” Finally, one of the girls motions me to roll down my window.

I put down the window, fully expecting her to tell me how much she loves my writing, speaking, whatever, and she says, “Are you Jackie Chan?”

That incident made me establish a new goal to execute: that someday Jackie Chan will be stopped at a light in Hong Kong, and a car full of teenage girls will ask him to roll down his window. Then one will ask, “Are you Guy Kawasaki?”

By the way, he may do his own stunts, but I do my own blogging.