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My buddies at Fixmyphotos recently updated their site with a new design and improved functionality such as four different ways to upload digital photos for retouching. This is the firm that brought you the before and after called Guy2.0.

In order to test the site, they will process orders for free until April 15th. Just make sure you use Internet Explorer and go through the whole ordering process, and your order will be back to you in forty-eight hours.

First, set up an account using your email address here.

Use the following credit card details to “pay” for your orders:

Credit Card Number: 370000000000002

Expiration date: 5/2008

Security Code: 123

All the other information can be anything at all but “required fields” must have something in them. While you are testing the site, the company would appreciate it if you:

  • Use the “Contact Us” page to send us a note (any note)

  • Send in images to be retouched using combinations of the services, not all the default choices.

  • Deliberately leave out ‘required’ information sometimes to be sure the form detects it and prompts you correctly to fill in missing information

  • Send in large and small image files.

  • Send in more than one order.

  • Follow emailed directions to retrieve your finished images.

  • Send in positive and negative feedback.

  • Try to use every link.

Please note that following is not available through this offer:

  • Restoration of old photos.

  • Upload back to SmugMug (not working yet).

  • “Download All” button to download all the images from an order in one zip file (the file downloads correctly but the files within are seen as corrupt by some users).