Gadget Week never got rolling last week because I was on vacation in Santa Barbara, and it was difficult to recover from Career Week. :-) This blog is a potpourri of useful sites and cool gadgets.

  1. Iinnovate is a collection of audio interviews with David Kelley, founder of IDEO; Mark Leslie, founder of Veritas; and Andy Rachleff, co-founder of Benchmark Capital.

  2. Here is a list called “Top 10 Best Presentations Ever.” It includes Steve Jobs introducing Macintosh, Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” Malcolm Gladwell on Blink, and Seth Godin speaking to Google about marketing among others.

    Addendum: Entrepreneurship Education Resources, School of Engineering, Stanford University. (Thanks to Ankur Jain for pointing out this resource.)

    Addendum: “Mother of All Demos” featuring Douglas Englebart demonstrating so many things that came to be. Doug, unlike people like me who get too much credit, does not get enough credit for how he changed the world. (Thanks to Christopher St. John for pointing out this resource.)

  3. This is Dave Taylor at the Affiliate Summit talking about business blogging. I loved one of his main points: Instead of making yourself crazy with search engine optimization, you could simply produce great content and let search engines do what they do.

  4. My buddies at EVDO Info took care of me by selling me one of the first Verizon 640 ExpressCards for my MacBook Pro. Life is good—it’s like the whole world is one big Wifi network with this card. If you own a computer that can use an EVDO card, you have to get one.

  5. If you get a 640, you don’t need to use the Verizon installer because has EVDO support built into 10.4.7. Kudos to Verizon for creating an Macintosh installer at all. Kudos to Apple for building in EVDO support. Here’s another review of it.

  6. Speaking of EVDO, I’ve been using a Motorola Q phone from Verizon for a few months. I gave up a Cingular 8125 because it was too fat; I never used the keyboard that slides out (I only read email on my phone; I never answer from it); and the Edge network is too slow.

    The Q rocks: it’s very thin and most importantly uses the EVDO network. EVDO computer and EVDO phone: life can’t get much better. Plus, a young black guy who was the doorman at a Soma bar asked me how I liked it. Is there a cooler experience than that for a fifty-two year old Asian American man?

    In fact, I liked this phone so much that I bought it even though I knew that it wouldn’t work in my office at Garage. “Can you hear me now?” Palo Alto could use a few more Verizon cells!

  7. Another good thing about the Q: there is a great web site that supports it. Check it out: Everything Q

  8. One last thing about the Q. It has a great collection of homescreens. I use one the enables me to see the number of unread emails, current profile, network status, battery status, and recently used applications. From the homescreen, I can change the profile, and the design theme is from the Counter Terrorist Unit in “24”—simple things make me happy.