I recently visited the worldwide headquarters of Threadless in Chicago and took a boatload of pictures. I’ve been to the offices of many startups, but few compare to Threadless’s offices in coolness.

Walls covered with graffiti.

src=”http://files.guykawasaki.com/blog/img/Slide3_2.jpg” />

An “office” in an Airstream trailer for recording podcasts.

Inside the office recording a podcast.

Interior offices.

Multiple ways to kill/maim/amuse yourself with motor vehicles.

Many ways to amuse yourself when you need a break.

Various macabre things.

Lots of things lying around


Various parts of the human anatomy.

Even some shirts.

The world’s largest non-retailer collection of coffee flavors.

The Threadless sticker collection.

My debut as a model.

The shirt is called “Sacrifice,” and it was designed by David Habben